Classic Stoneworks Services

Cultured Stone

We are one of the few manufacturers of cultered stone right here in Florida. We have our own line. Artisan Stones

Our colors are as natural as we can produce, we use only the highest quality natural mineral oxides and our own highly trained Artisans blend them completely through and through for a realistic and lasting product.

Our Stones are cast from special rubber molds, to ensure an accurate replica of the natural beauty of the stones our craftsman have sorted through with our highest standards.

pre-cast stone

We manufacture stone elements such as columns, balusters, fireplace surrounds, door and window surrounds.

Our products provide a rich, old world charm to distinguish your residence or commercial building throughout it's lifetime. Cast stone is so durable that Artisans have used it for centuries and in fact, Many homeowners prefer cast stone over natural stone because of it's reduced maintenance


We offer the highest quality installation of all our products using only our own highly trained and productive masons to guarantee our clients the quality care and timely performance you deserve.

It is our attention to detail, combined with our " Classic " customer service that helps keep our business growing. Client satisfaction is our number one goal, therefore we work closely with you to ensure we exceed your expectations.

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